VoteFest USSD For Voting Competitions

Thank you for your interest in our VoteFest USSD for Voting Services. Please note that SMS voting is different from USSD voting. SMS debits phone credit while USSD voting debits bank account instantly and guarantees availability of your revenues 72 working hours after your event ends.

Using VoteFest USSD to vote for your contestants is now a newer and rewarding technology that is more efficient. It pays more and it pays on time.

The general public will simply dial the code and vote any amount for their contestant and the system will debit their bank account and convert the amount into votes.

There are two ways to vote with VoteFest: Via USSD and Via Virtual Bank Account for those who do not enable ussd in their banking profile. Both channels avails unique code or unique virtual account for each contestants to capture votes.

VoteFest vote amounts can be structured to be N30, N50, N100 or more per vote.

Here is an example format for GTB:


Assuming *** represents contestant code. Let us use 002 as a sample contestant code.

It will look like this: *737*000*549002100#

Where 002 is contestant code and 100 is how many times they want to vote.

VOTING MORE THAN ONCE = *bankcode*000*549(contestant code)(multiple votes)# OR *bankcode*000*549(contestant code)+(multiple votes)#

SINGLE VOTE = *bankcode*000*549(contestant code)#

e.g. *737*000*549002#

VoteFest USSD Voting Revenue – 2024


Per Vote

Revenue For Less Than 100,000 Votes Revenue For More Than 100,000 Votes Payout Duration
N30 N9 N15 3 working days after voting ends
N50 N15 N25 3 working days after voting ends
N100 N30 N50 3 working days after voting ends


  • VoteFest USSD Subscription is N150K (Covers Unlimited Yearly Competitions)
    • Setup Duration 48hrs
    • Maximum number of Contestants per Setup: 50
  • Fill the Attached Registration Form
  • BVN Number of one of the sponsors
  • Copy of Driver’s License ID of two of the sponsors and CAC certificate of company
  • Signed Agreement will be sent after payment

Here are the list of Banks we support on this platform:

  1. GTB – *737*
  2. First Bank – *894*
  3. Zenith Bank – *966*
  4. UBA – *919*
  5. Stanbic Bank – *909*
  6. Sterling Bank – *822*
  7. Unity Bank- *7799*
  8. Keystone Bank – *7111*
  9. Fidelity Bank – *770*
  10. Ecobank – *326*
  11. Wema Bank – *945*
  12. Access Bank – *901*
  13. Access (Diamond ) – *426*
  14. FCMB – *329*
  15. Heritage Bank – *745*
  16. Union Bank- *826*
  17. VFD MFB – *5037*
  18. Rubies (Highstreet) MFB – *7797*

 NOTE: For the other banks that were not listed, the general public can transfer money into the corresponding Virtual Providus Bank Account provided for each contestant. Our system will convert it into vote account and credit the votes to the contestants. In addition, virtual account is good for those that want to vote with large sum of money at once and for those that do not have ussd enabled on their bank account profile. We are working very hard to add the remaining banks in Nigeria.

NOTE: Annual Subscription fee is non-refundable

See more write ups on SMS and USSD here:


FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions:

How do we get paid? At the end of your vote, we will collate your revenue and pay it into the bank account you specified in your registration form. It is advisable for you to wait till the end of the competition before making a request for your revenue. In a special case scenario, arrangements can be made for weekly withdraws when traffic votes are above 50,000 votes weekly.

How soon can I get paid? Within 3 working days

How do I monitor the votes and revenue generated? You can monitor your live result in your VoteFest dashboard.

Who creates the competition and the contestants? We do that for you. All we need is the Nickname of your Contestants and their corresponding passport pictures. We will generate the code for each contestant automatically and serially.

So who takes the other part of the revenue? The banks, 10% WHT Tax, Nigerian Communications Commissions(NCC) Levy Fee (5%), Telecom (10%), USSD Server Maintenance (20%), and InfoTek (5%).

So compared to text message, is this payout and payout duration better? Yes! USSD is very much better because it pays a better revenue. It pays within 3 working days.

How do I sign up? Simply pay the setup fee into GTB, InfoTek Perspective Services, 000 393 8903, visit our VoteFest website and register. You will be required to validate your BVN or NIN on the site before your account can be approved.

Thank you for your interest in our Short Code Services. Are you running an voting competition and in need of a USSD platform that has favorable revenue payout, has codes for all banks, and also pays on time? Look no

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