What is SIM Card Hosting?

SIM Card Hosting is a service where by your SIM Card is located in our data centre and running 24hrs daily without having your own computer / server or GSM device. We have dedicated and shared sim card hosting. Unlimited keywords comes wth Dedicated Hosting. Shared comes with one keyword. Additional keywords can be purchased. See details below.

Your will be given a Web Application to access your incoming SMS and outgoing SMS remotely anytime anywhere through internet connections. Please note that NCC text message charge of N4 applies to each text sent to the sim card.

Why SIM Hosting?

Minimum setup and maintenance cost for multiple SIM cards. Enjoy lowest SMS rates in the market. 24×7 up and running system provided. 2-ways SMS – Send and receive SMS to your own numbers. Escape spam filtering system from Telco.

Receives Text from All Networks: MTNAIRTELGLO and 9MOBILE
Dedicated SIM Card Annual Subscription Fee: N450k. Setup comes with unlimited keywords. NO MONTHLY FEES

Setup takes 15days to complete and it starts from the day we receive your registered Sim Card. Access fees are prepaid.

Shared SIM Card Annual Subscription Fee:N250k (It takes 48 working hours to setup) . Setup comes with one(1) keyword. Additional keyword in the same account is N50,000.00. NO MONTHLY FEES

Hosted SIM: Only AIRTEL SIMs can be hosted. Our shared sim number is already integrated in our server. You can provide your own sim on the dedicated platform. If you have an existing application, we can forward all incoming sms via our HTTP PUSH method.

SMS reply goes to the sender with the Airtel Number as Sender ID. SMS cost  for replies is additional top up and cost per sms is N5.5

API will be provided in your dashboard once your account is set up. SMS reply feature is also integrated into the dashboard.

Sim Host Account Detail: GTB, InfoTek Perspective Services, 000 393 8903