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The amazing proliferation of mobile phones users in Nigeria has unraveled the untapped opportunities that lie within the telecom industry. Hence SMS marketing is becoming one of the most effective methods of communication. It is now "The Technological Wings" for the Mobile IT futuristic flight. Prime yourself.....

- Sampson E.

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InfoTek Perspective Services is a leading African AISP (Application and Infrastructure Service Provider) for media, server side and telecom services; whose main activities include the web development, dedicated windows server hosting, operation and maintenance of web hosting platforms, solutions and services based on Two-way SMS, Short code Services in Nigeria, Caller Ring Back Tunes, USSD solutions, Long codes, IVR, and Zero Billing Short codes.

Two-way SMS opens the communication channels to let businesses engage in 2-way conversations by receiving an inbound SMS message from a mobile handset, thus creating a powerful message tool. Inbound SMS provides the functionality to interact with your mobile audience, to stimulate consumer interest or collect consumer information through advertising or marketing campaigns.

It allows them to respond to campaigns, send follow-up messages, provide feedback, participate in competitions as well as build new and existing relationships.

To run a 2-way messaging service, SMS numbers are required to receive the inbound message. Dialogue’s 2-way SMS service offers shortcodes, long numbers or virtual sims to receive real-time SMS responses immediately and efficiently. With our trusted reliable gateway and cost-effective reply paths, the SMS replies can be forwarded to email addresses, stored in the application inbox, or forwarded to your URL via our API.

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