Q1: Where is your office? 
We are located at InfoTek Perspective Services,Suite HF233, Kaura Modern Mall, Durumi District, Abuja, Nigeria

Q2: Can I integrate your short code into our website? 
Yes, you can use our API Integration Guide to plug into your website. You may need a programmer to help you do this. API can be downloaded from our download section.

Q3: How long does it take to set up a Shared and Dedicated Short Code? 
Shared takes three (3) days while Dedicated takes 16 weeks

Q4: Do you offer Zero Billing Short Code and how does it work? 
Yes we do. Zero Billing or Toll-Free Shortcode does not bill the sender. Rather, the owner of the code pays for all charges. Click here for full details.

Q5: What is the real differences between Semi-Dedicated and Dedicated? 
Aside from the obvious price difference, Semi-Dedicated requires keywords to operate and these keywords must be numeric in nature. Dedicated on the other hand does not necessarily require keyword. You can text directly to the code without using a keyword and Dedicated keywords can be alphanumeric – meaning letters and/or numbers. Dedicated takes 16weeks to setup while Semi-Dedicated takes only weeks.

Q6: How Do I get paid my accumulated revenue? 
We pay every 90 days. However, your revenue must meet the minimum guarantee sms hits of 1,000 for Shared and 200,000 for Dedicated. If you don’t meet up with the payment cycle, then your revenue will roll over to the next payment cycle.

Q7: So how much comes to me for each sms sent with my keyword and do I pay additional VAT? 
VAT is already deducted. The figures on the paychart is your net pay. Contact us for a copy of the payout chart.

Q8: How long can a Short code contract be? 
Every short code setup has a minimum of 1, 3, 6, or 12 months contract agreement.

Q9: Can I buy additional keywords into my Shared account? 
Yes, additonal keywords can be purchased for N35k each. You can also assign a different tariff to each new keyword.

Q10: How many networks do you support on your Shared and Dedicated Short Platform? 
We cover MTN, GLO, AIRTEL, and ETISALAT on our Shared and Dedicated Platform.

Q11: Is there a limit to the number incoming of sms traffic on a Shared Platform? 
No, there is no limit. Your subscribers can send as many sms as possible.

Q12: Is there a monthly access fee? 
Yes, there is a monthly access fee of N7,000.00 on the Shared Short code. The Dedicated Short code has a quarterly priority aggregator support fee of N60,000.00 there is no limit.

Q13: Do you have Short code Reseller program? 
Yes, please click here for reseller details.

Q14: Is there a maximum number of keywords in Shared Short Code? 
No, you can purchase as many keywords as you want.

Q15: What is the sms maximum capacity that your shared code can receive daily?
There is no limit to the number of sms our shared short code can handle. It is unlimited.

Q16: Is N100 the maximum that can be charged on your Short code?
Yes, that is the max on our Shared. N150 and N200 tariffs are obtainable on Dedicated. However, the process is very cumbersome.