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The amazing proliferation of mobile phones users in Nigeria has unraveled the untapped opportunities that lie within the telecom industry. Hence SMS marketing is becoming one of the most effective methods of communication. It is now "The Technological Wings" for the Mobile IT futuristic flight. Brace yourself.....

- Sampson E.

Caller Back Ring Tunes in Nigeria

Caller Tunes(Ring Back Tunes) is the personalized ring back service that enables you change the conventional “ring ring” sound heard when your friends, colleagues and family members call you with a tune of your choice. Caller Tunes service entertains your callers with select music each time your phone rings, while creating a unique identity for yourself. With a vast range of top quality tunes to choose from, your style can truly be expressed.

As a Mobile VAS Aggregator, we aggregate contents supplied by content owners, producers, artistes etc for use across mobile networks.

In view of your request for the provision of caller tunez (RBT), kindly note that the following would be required:

· Letter of Authorization to showing ownership of songs.

·Showing that you have the right to Distribute the songs.

· Approval Certificate of Copyright to songs issued by Nigerian Copyright Commission or application/receipt showing copyright application is pending.

We will provided you with sample letters once you meet the requirements and payment is made.

You are also required to state in writing how you intend to market your songs. Your anticipated monthly traffic and advertisement avenues

Presently, our CRBT service only supports MTN, ETISALAT and AIRTEL.

One-Time Setup is N50,000.00 (promo price), Setup Duration: 4 weeks, No monthly fees, Caller Tune Tariff is N50

Buy Dedicated Sim Hosting

For Campaign Caller Back Ring Tune, see rate for uploads:

(Please note that only MTN and GLO are supported and uploaded numbers must be from consented individuals and organisations)

50 - 500 Numbers N3,500 per upload
501 - 1000 Numbers N3,000 per upload
1000 - 1 Million numbers N2,500 per upload
Setup Duration 5 Working Days